The importance of timely CPR

CPR is technique that is used to maintain blood flow to the brain and heart before a patient can receive adequate professional medical help from paramedics or doctors. It is truly a way of saving lives. Stats have indicated that most cardiac arrests happen either in public places or at home. In such an instance, the closest person to the victim is the one who can be able to save his life. If the person present at that particular time is able to perform CPR immediately, the chances of the victim’s survival are drastically increased. When it comes to dealing with a cardiac arrest, time is the most important factor at play therefore the person present has to be able to act very fast. Most people who suffer a heart attack at home or in public areas do not get the help they need as there are very few people who are trained in CPR.
ACLS Certification
The importance of timely CPR
Though there are progressions in cardiac care, heart attacks still remain a great concern in the world. Over six hundred thousand people die each year in America from heart related disease and half of these people die suddenly from cardiac arrest as they are unable to get the help they need promptly.
One of the ways of the ways of saving the life of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest is by providing artificial breathing through cardiopulmonary resuscitation otherwise known as CPR. The earlier you perform CPR on someone who has gone into cardiac arrest, the better the chance of saving their life. Through CPR, blood is able to circulate to both the brain and the heart. This makes the person affected to receive good blood that contains oxygen to the heart and brain. This happens until the time when a defibrillator is available.
CPR is one of the links that the American heart Association commonly refers to as “the chain of survival.” The first link is the ability to be able to recognize a cardiac arrest and immediately take action. The next step is to carry out CPR while putting an emphasis on the chest compressions until when you are able to get a defibrillator.
By performing early CPR, you can be able to save a life as most cardiac arrest occur in public places and at home. It is therefore very important for people to learn how to perform CPR as it can help you save the life of your love one.
CPR can help curb deaths that are unnecessary if it is performed immediately after a person goes into cardiac arrest as it can increase the chances of a person surviving such an ordeal.
In the event that someone goes into cardiac arrest, it is important to try and perform CPR as it is better than not doing anything at all.
When you are performing CPR on a cardiac arrest victim, the kind of technique that you use plays a major role to their survival. If CPR is not performed correctly, it can cause the flow of blood in the body to stall. It is therefore critical to get proper CPR training. Performing CPR is not a difficult task and once you are well trained, you can be able to respond when the need ever arises.